Training Plans

Whether you want to run in progressively longer races over time (training for the half marathon event could be a useful milestone in the build-up to the ultimate goal: the Virgin Money London Marathon!), or you simply want to run the Silverstone Half Marathon, it is very important that you have a training plan.

If you have a plan compiled by a running coach:
  1. You are less likely to get injured
  2. You will be more motivated
  3. You will maximise your performance.

We’ve put together these 12-week training plans – for beginners and improvers – to help you get started.

Half Marathon Training Plan – Beginners

If you can run 10km (six miles) and are keen to race a longer distance, this beginner’s schedule is for you. The long runs in this 12-week schedule will improve your endurance while the faster fartlek and interval sessions will build your speed endurance.

Half Marathon Training Plan – Improvers

If you regularly run more than 10km (six miles) in training or racing, and you now want to have a go at the half-marathon distance, the improver’s schedule is for you.