Training Advice

  • Starting Out
    We have come up with essential advice you need in the key areas of: training, shoes, clothing and injury prevention.
  • Stretching
    Stretching should form part of your training session, both before and after your run.
  • Injuries
    One thing that can affect us all regardless of our fitness or training is injury.
  • Belief System
    Use motivational mantras to convince yourself you’re invincible and you’re far more likely to clock a new personal best at the Silverstone Half Marathon.
  • Fartlek Training
    If you fancy a change from your training routine, Fartlek training makes a great alternative to normal road running.
  • Race Etiquette
    Whether you’re taking part in the Silverstone Half Marathon or another event, our guide to race etiquette covers everything you need to know for Race Day.
  • Treadmill Running
    Treadmills have some advantages over road running, and can form a key part of your training...
  • Uphill Battle
    Uphill running can bring huge benefits to your training – here's how...